Different Clubs
The purposes of different clubs for students are:

  • Develop in students a positive attitude towards education that promotes life-long learning, a healthy lifestyle and appreciation aesthetic.
  • Develop in each student mastery skills of communicating and learning.
  • Develop responsible individual who have ability to think clearly, logically and independently as participating member of society.

Debating Club
The purpose of the debating society is to build self-Confidence, enhance their presentation skills and to build the spirit of competition among students. The debating club is bifurcated in two different levels:

  • English Debating
  • Urdu Debating

Dramatic Club
The purpose of dramatic society is to build self-confidence, develop research skill and enhance the presentation skills among students. The club is divided into two sections:

  • English Dramatic Club
  • Urdu Dramatic Club

Painting Club
Painting club helps the student to learn and experience new things and also help them to learn and explore new mediums and techniques. Painting Club is divided on two different levels

  • Primary Level
  • Elementary Level

Science Club
It helps to enhance the concept of science and to develop research oriented techniques in students. It helps student to achieve higher grades in science subjects. Science Club is divided on two different levels:

  • Primary Level
  • Elementary Level

0% is required in 6 subjects (which must include 
English, Mathematics and 3 optional subjects)

There will be no retests for students who have not met the promotion criteria. A student who 
has failed is given only one opportunity to repeat the class, after which he/she will be asked
to be withdrawn from the school.

Student ID Card

Student ID Card is valid for one academic year and has many uses and functions around and off campus. It serves different purpose it can be used in library to issue the book, for security purpose, pick and drop Services and special discount are available on valid Student ID cards.

Health and Safety Awareness Programs

To encourage an awareness of essential health and safety issues, the School organizes different doctors and nutritionists to deliver presentations on relevant topics.

Student Counselling Service

Counselling Services provides students psychological counselling and support in an effort to facilitate meaningful personal growth and the fullest educational development of each individual. Individual and group counselling is available to students who are having difficulty with emotional, behavioral, academic, or adjustment concerns.
Liaison with Parents
Importance of parent involvement in promoting school success. It bridges the communication between teacher and parent which provide help and support to the parent to ensure their child’s academic success in school .This programs has following salient features:

  • Facilitate parent-school communication
  • Encourage parent involvement in the school                       
  • Foster trust between parents and the educational community
  • Foster higher academic achievement through collaboration with school personnel.
  • Regular Feedback of child’s progress

 Parent Cell Feedback

Different feedback forms are provided to parents where they can share their precious feedback which will further be taken in consideration. The forms are available online and can also be taken from school premises.