Type of Fee

The students will be charged following types of fee:

  1. Admission Fee (Non-Refundable):
    One time Admission fee will be charged only from newly admitted students.
  2. Monthly Subscription Fee:
    The school will charge two months Monthly Subscription Fee in advance.
  3.  Security Deposit:
    One time Security Deposit will be charged at the time of admission, security is refundable and will only be refunded at the time of student’s transfer/completion of education from the campus.
  4. Tuition Fee:
    The school will charge two months Tuition Fee in advance.
  5. Late Fee:
    The school will charge late fee from parents/guardian who fail to deposit Tuition Fee on time.
  6. Mode of Payment:
    The parent/guardian will have to pay the Tuition Fee (or any other) through designated bank.


After admission, parents may be entitled to the following concessions:

  • Sibling Discount on Tuition Fee:

    Relationship Tuition Fee

    First brother/sister




  • Alumni & PGC Employees Discount:

    Relationship Tuition Fee

    Alumni & PGC Discount


    However if a child is already receiving sibling discount he/she will not be eligible for Alumni and PGC discount.

  • Shuhada Students Discount:

    Relationship Tuition Fee

    Shuhda (Father)