Transform individuals into professionals. "Every individual needs to improve, not because he is not good enough, but because he can be even better"


Enhance the overall professional expertise of School Principals, Trainers, Academic Coordinators and Teachers to create effectiveness of Teaching Learning Process.


Training is a proactive, planned and continuous process of change and development for an individual and an organization as a whole.” .Through training only, an individual can acquire new knowledge, improve his concerned skills and redesign his attitude for growth and efficiency. T &CB provides quality training to individuals by focusing on pedagogical challenges, as well as addressing the evolving new technologies and methodologies in today’s education system.

Scope of Responsibilities

The Scope of Responsibilities of T&CB Department
The Responsibilities of T&CB is to produce teachers who possess the necessary competencies to take their place as leaders in society.
These competencies will encompass:

  • familiarizing with the Latest in Education and with the System of Organization
  • an understanding of their role as teachers
  • knowledge and understanding of their teaching subject(s),
  • appropriate Pedagogical Expertise
  • build Confidence
  • better Understanding of the Student
  • building Favorable Attitude


T&CB Department

Ms.Faiza Tariq
(Coordinator T&CB)

Trainer's Profile

Ms.Khalida Hassan
Work Experience - 19 years

Ms.Hooria Amjad
Work Experience - 17 years

Ms.Ambreen Din
Work Experience - 12 years

Ms.Aleena Syed
Work Experience - 7 years

Ms.Sidra Tariq
Work Experience - 5 years